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With almost any mechanical device comes controls. If your control requirements call for mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical controls, we have the skills to assist you. Whether designing a custom machine controlled by an off-the-shelf PLC, or developing a product which requires custom electronic controls, Accel Automation can provide the control design skills you need.

In addition to hard wired PLC, servo and stepper controllers, Accel Automation has extensive experience using PCs in conjunction with RS 232 and TCP/IP communications to control and acquire information from various off-the-shelf and custom electronic devices.

Beyond direct machine control, Accel Automation can provide assistance with creating SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems and integrating them into your corporate network, website, and database.

If your need is custom electronic controls, Accel Automation can provide these as well. Accel Automation enjoys a strong long term relationship with a local custom electronics development firm which specializes in the design of microprocessor based electronic devices. This strategic partnership allows Accel Automation to provide both mechanical and electrical product design services.

The control system Design experience of Accel Automation's staff is demonstrated in the projects listed below.

Fiber Optic Connectorization Machine

Prototype Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Machine

Fiber Optic Connector Tuning Machine

Antenna Tuner Machine

Ferrule Force Measurement Machine

VHS Tape Labeling Machine

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