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The Fiber Optic Connector Tuning Machine

With the staff of Accel Automation, comes past employment experience in developing a Fiber Optic Connector Tuning Machine. Our staff member provided Control System Design, and Software Development services to help create this machine.

Project Overview

The Fiber Optic Connector Tuning Machine is a simple hand operated device used in conjunction with a light meter and a PC running a custom Windows application to determine the best orientation in which to mate two fiber optic connectors to minimize insertion loss.

Control System Design

Our staff member provided the Control System Design services required to create this machine by creating a control system consisting of a PC connected to a light meter by means of RS-232 serial communications.

Software Development

Our staff member provided the Software Development services required to create the Windows application which acts as a user interface to the machine, and which communicates with the light meter and with the manufacturing database.

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