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At Accel Automation, we realize that even the best computer models are sometimes not enough, and that a real physical model that you can hold in your hand is just what you need to assess a design. To provide customers with hands-on models, Accel Automation has its own in-house 3D Printer.

A 3D Printer is an excellent tool for rapidly and inexpensively creating complex shapes. 3D Printing offers a distinct advantage over other types of rapid prototyping in that the parts created are often strong enough and tough enough to act as functional components. An added benefit of the 3D Printer is the ability to quickly and inexpensively prototype mechanisms for experimentation, and to quickly produce functional components for tooling and fixtures.

Accel Automation has leveraged its 3D Printer to rapidly and inexpensively create molds that can be used to fabricate parts from other materials such as using RTV Silicone to create elastic parts, and using sheets of heated plastic to create vacuum formed components.

Although originally intended for in-house use to supplement our engineering service, Accel Automation is happy to provide this service to any customers who are simply looking to have their parts printed. Although not yet available, Accel Automation hopes to have automated on-line 3D Printing quotes and order processing available soon.

Listed below, is a project containing a few examples in which Accel Automation assisted a customer using its rapid prototyping capability.

Active RFID Locating System

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