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The Antenna Tuner Machine

With the staff of Accel Automation, comes past employment experience in developing an Antenna Tuner Machine. Our staff member provided Mechanical Design, Control System Design, and Software Development services to help create the machine.

Project Overview

The Antenna Tuner Machine is a semi-automated machine used to tune an antenna array by adjusting the heights of numerous screws arranged in multiple configurations. Operators input the configuration to be tuned into the PC controlling the machine, and then manually locate the antenna in accordance with the graphical display. The Operator then initiates the tuning process, and the machine engages the antenna adjustment screw, and rotates it until the desired height is achieved.

Mechanical Design

Our staff member provided the Mechanical Design services required to adapt the original prototype into a production ready machine, by re-designing critical sub-assemblies.

Control System Design

Our staff member provided the Control System Design services required to create the production ready machine by creating a control system consisting of a PC connected to both a motion controller and a digital indicator by means of RS-232 serial communications.

Software Development

Our staff member provided the Software Development services required to create the software that controls this machine by using VB.NET to write a Windows application to act as a user interface to the machine, and which communicates with the motion controller and the digital indicator.

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