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The Active RFID Locating System Project

Accel Automation played a key role in developing a next-generation version of an active RFID locating system. Working in conjunction with an electronic product developer, Accel Automation provided Mechanical Design, Engineering Analysis, Software Development, Web Development, and Rapid Prototyping services to help create the new system.

Project Overview

The active RFID locating system consists of numerous transmitter tags which affix to objects that are to be located, and which transmit their unique code to numerous strategically placed receivers. The receivers are all connected by Ethernet on a local area network which is connected to a Windows server. The server runs the software to collect and store information from the receivers, and serves the user's web interface.

Mechanical Design

Accel Automation provided the Mechanical Design services required to create:

Engineering Analysis

Accel Automation provided the Engineering Analysis services required to validate the design of:

Software Development

All of the server software for this system was written by Accel Automation, and consists of the following components:

Web Development

The Active RFID Locating System provides a web interface for users consisting of:

Rapid Prototyping

In conjunction with the mechanical design services provided, Accel Automation used its 3D Printer to manufacture functional prototypes for:

Additionally, Accel Automation leveraged its 3D Printing capability to create a mold which was in turn, used to manufacture prototype tag holders out of an elastic polymer material. (...more)

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