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The Electronic Tag Identification System Project

Accel Automation played a key role in developing an Electronic Tag Identification System. Working in conjunction with an electronic product developer, Accel Automation provided Mechanical Design, Software Development, and Mechanical Fabrication & Assembly services to help create the system.

Project Overview

The Electronic Tag Identification System consists of multiple tags which fit into any one of numerous slots in a cabinet. In each tag is embedded an electronic device which retains a programmable identification code. When a tag is inserted into a slot in the cabinet, it mates with an electronic device embedded in the cabinet, which in turn, sends the tag's identification code to a PC. The PC runs a software application which allows access to the tags in the cabinet and which keeps track of which tags are in the cabinet, and which have been checked out, etc.

Mechanical Design

Accel Automation provided the Mechanical Design services required to create:

Software Development

Accel Automation provided software to test the printed circuit boards used in the cabinet. The software consists of a Windows application which communicates with the circuit board being tested using an RS-232 serial port on a PC. The application was written in C++ using Borland C++ Builder.

Mechanical Fabrication & Assembly

Accel Automation provided the Mechanical Fabrication & Assembly of the test fixture.

Due to the proprietary nature of this project, pictures and greater details about the device are not currently available.

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